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Happy New Year!

January 2, 2010

We have had such a special 2009 with all our new friends we were blessed to have in our lives.  We wish everyone the happiest 2010 imaginable.


Sustainable Viticulture

February 4, 2009

Youngberg Hill Vineyards & Inn has been recertified as a sustainable vineyard by Oregon’s top sustainable oversite groups; LIVE Inc. and Salmon Safe. Since farming organically in 2003, we have continued to use more sustainable farming practices each year. Our goal is to become more biodynamic over the next five years.

Why practice biodynamics and sustainablity? The first obvious answer is that it is better for the environment. The second is that it is better for the farm. The soil is a living organism loaded with other living organisms. The soil needs to maintain its health and vitality just like the human body and plants do. If we do not keep the soil healthy, it cannot sustain itself or other life. The third is that it is better for the vines. As with healthy soil, plants need to be healthy and have the right nutients flowing through their veins to sustain life and also live in harmony with the soil. The fourth answer is that it is better for the wine. Since 2003 we have seen annual improvement of the quality of the grapes and that translates in to higher quality wines.

We continue to strive for better lives for all.

Global Warming?

December 15, 2008

Where did it go. We are having record low temperatures and snow, relatively unheard of here. Someone told me they were getting snow in Las Vegas today as well. What’s going on here? “Tis the season, but this is going a little too far. I’d rather just get a dusting on Christmas Day. And to think we were worried about the vines starting to bud early. Think again.


Tasting for the holidays

December 9, 2008


We just barrel tasted through our 2007 still in barrel and the 2008s just in barrel. Very different vintages and both very succulent, rich, balanced and with a lot of lingering fruit flavors.

Another Outstanding Vintage

November 20, 2008
Wine Spectator has jus2006-jb2t awarded the 2006 Jordan Block 90 points which is an “Outstanding” rating. This is the third year in a row Youngberg Hill Vineyards & Inn has received an “Outstanding” rating from Wine Spectator. Here is what Harvey Steiman said on page 150 “Bright and generous, offering a lively mouthful of red cherry and spice flavors that persist against lightly crisp tannins on the transparent finish”.

Wine Books

November 7, 2008

I was brousing through  Kindle last night and saw a book I read a few years ago. Of Wine and War. If you are a wine lover and a history buff, then you will enjoy this book. It is about the French wine industry during World War II and the German occupation. A great read.

Grapes are fermenting, Wine is developing

November 3, 2008

The Natasha Block fruit is all through fermentation and ready for barrel. The Jordan Block is in the early stages of fermentation. All signs still suggest a spectacular vintage! Character is still developing and reflect a subtler side of Pinot noir with wonderful balance of fruit and earth.

Harvest Celebration Winemaker’s Dinner

November 2, 2008

We had an outstanding food and wine pairing event last night at Youngberg Hill. Her was the menu with several little goodies in between.


Assorted Pate Canapé
2003 Argyle Brut

Pinot Pear OregonBlue Salad with Potato Curls
2006 Youngberg Hill Pinot Blanc

Oregon Lump Crab Cakes with Mango Sauce
2007 Youngberg Hill Pinot Gris

Oregon Salmon Bisque with Caviar Island
2006 Youngberg Hill Barrel Select Pinot Noir

Wild Oregon Mushroom Ragu Basket
2004 Youngberg Hill Jordan Block Pinot Noir

Elk Loin with Pinot Pasta on Blackberry Reduction and Truffled Squash
2002 Youngberg Hill Pinot Noir

Mocha Semifreddo with Hazelnut Brittle and Lady Finger
2004 Laurel Ridge Pinot Port

Oregon Harvest

October 17, 2008

We have fruit in the barn. It was an excellent day for picking. We came in yielding just shy of 2 ton an acre. There was no fungus, very clean fruit with lots of flavor. Brix were 24%, TA 6.9, and ph 3.2. Good numbers to work in the winery with. We had fun. Thanks to my friends Jess, Dan, and Susan for coming over to help.

Fall in Oregon

October 8, 2008

It is beautiful, clean, crisp, and sunny; perfect weather for ripening of the grapes. It looks like a week of bliss. We look to harvest some more fruit next week.