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Upcoming events!

March 28, 2009

• 5/2 Youngberg Hill Winemaker Dinner- Bistro Northwest
A perfect evening of dinner, wine, & views. $250/couple. Advanced reservations required. Please call us at 503.472.2727 or at

• 5/3 Oregon Winemaker Dinner at the Stephanie Inn
Please join Youngberg Hill for our annual Winemaker’s Dinner at The Stephanie Inn in Cannon Beach, OR.

• 5/23-25th Memorial Weekend Open House
Youngberg Hill will be open from 11:00 to 5:00 on Saturday, Sunday, & Monday. We will be highlighting our 2007 Jordan Block Pinot Noir, along with our 2006 Natasha Block and Jordan Block, and our newly released 2007 Pinot Gris. We will also be sampling our not yet released 2008 Pinot Noirs. Tasting fee of $5, complimentary tastings for our Wine Club members.


1997 Pinot noir

March 22, 2009

Had a bottle of 1997 Youngberg Hill Vineyards estate Pinot noir last night. Elegant, earthy, some fruit, still fresh, balanced and wonderful with a duck breast. For a vintage that was not well received when released, the 1997, like the 2001, has aged wonderfully.

2008 Vintage Report

March 18, 2009

Time again to update everyone on the 2008 Vintage. What a wonderful vintage it is shaping up to be. First, the growing season; it was a cold spring that caused bud break to be almost a month late. It didn’t warm up through May so bloom was also a month late. That left us concerned whether the fruit would ever mature and ripen before the winter rains hit.
Fortunately, the summer months were almost ideal as temperatures stayed moderate with a couple of short heat spells. It was also dry and perfect growing conditions. By the first of September, we had made up two to three weeks and veraison was only a week or so late.
The fruit was maturing well and fruit was starting to come in. September continued to be a beautiful month and the fruit was looking great. We were still a little concerned about ripening time though. Come the first of October, everyone got nervous. The first rains of the season were on their way and it looked like we might get some prolonged rainfall. Not a good sign. As a precaution we harvested about three tons of fruit just for insurance in case things went from bad to worse and we were not able to get any more fruit out clean.
Here is where Mother Nature decided to bless us. That first rain was short and insignificant, and the next rain looked to be a week or so away. During that dry spell, many chose to get fruit out of the vineyard and do with it the best they could. The fruit was good with good flavor if not quite ripe. With a certain amount of consternation, we chose to let the fruit hang. The next front did not materialize and we breathed a sigh of relief.
Then we were really blessed. We did not get any rain for the rest of October. We had both sunshine to ripen the fruit and cool temperatures to keep the fruit from developing too much sugar. The best of both worlds. We harvested the latest ever on the hill and brought clean healthy fruit into the winery.

The result is fruit that was full of a whole range of flavors, low sugars, still good acidity, and softer tannins. The wines reflect wonderful balance across the entire palate with rich flavors that will last for years. The 2008 Vintage may well be the new benchmark for Oregon Pinot noir surpassing the still luscious 2002.

Youngberg Hill in Orlando

March 14, 2009

We had a great and overwhelming reception to our wines last night and had a lot of old friends and past guests spend time with us. What a great market for Pinot

California Winemaker’s Dinner

February 16, 2009

Just a reminder Youngberg Hill Vineyards will be in California on February 19th for Winemaker’s Dinner at Carter House Inn in Eureka. Join us for an exquisite evening of food and wines at one of California’s best restaurants and Inn.youngberg-composite

Valentine’s Celebration

February 9, 2009

Saturday, February 14th

Not Your Momma’s Chocolate

The classic pairing of chocolates and Youngberg Hill wines
featuring a unique pairing for library wines with distinct and
unusual yet delicious chocolate creations.

1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. | $15 per person | F r e e  to Wine Club Members

We invite you to join us for this exquisite tasting and chocolate delicious creations.

We will taste the 2001 through 2005 Youngberg Hill vintages


February 6, 2009

Youngberg Hill Vineyards has accepted to be a feature winery at the 2009 International Pinot Noir Celebration July 24th through 26th, in McMinnville, OR.

Sustainable Viticulture

February 4, 2009

Youngberg Hill Vineyards & Inn has been recertified as a sustainable vineyard by Oregon’s top sustainable oversite groups; LIVE Inc. and Salmon Safe. Since farming organically in 2003, we have continued to use more sustainable farming practices each year. Our goal is to become more biodynamic over the next five years.

Why practice biodynamics and sustainablity? The first obvious answer is that it is better for the environment. The second is that it is better for the farm. The soil is a living organism loaded with other living organisms. The soil needs to maintain its health and vitality just like the human body and plants do. If we do not keep the soil healthy, it cannot sustain itself or other life. The third is that it is better for the vines. As with healthy soil, plants need to be healthy and have the right nutients flowing through their veins to sustain life and also live in harmony with the soil. The fourth answer is that it is better for the wine. Since 2003 we have seen annual improvement of the quality of the grapes and that translates in to higher quality wines.

We continue to strive for better lives for all.

Top Picks by Andreass Larsson

January 31, 2009

Youngberg Hill Vineyards Jordan Block Pinot noir – Bright and clean aromas of dark berries, some earthy notes and bright dark fruit on the palate, well structured, firm and long, good potential, on the austere side at present but with a good potential.

Andreass Larsson Top Picks

January 30, 2009

Youngberg Hill Vineyards Natash Block Pinot noir – The nose shows plenty of fruit, red cherry, strawberry, minerals, chocolate, and ginger, the palate is rich and velvety, dense and smooth with a fine balance, unctous with a very long finish, some notes of oak on the aftertaste.